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Key Supporters & Funders

CRAE would like to thank The Bromley Trust, Comic Relief, The Baring Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Trust for London, and the Mrs Wingfield Foundation for funding our current work.

Some of the country's leading children's charities have supported us financially since we were established in 1991. The statements below explain why they have made this commitment to CRAE.

"The Children’s Society is committed to creating a society where childhood is respected and every child is valued. We are committed to supporting the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children, and ensuring their rights are protected. CRAE has been instrumental in holding government and others in power to account when children’s rights are breached and has played a pivotal role in campaigning for change and ensuring that children’s voices are heard."

Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive,The Children's Society


"NSPCC has supported the work of CRAE since 1992 and works in partnership with CRAE to promote children's rights in England.  CRAE has been central to championing children's rights in England and has achieved many notable campaigning successes such as changing the law so that social workers undertaking child protection investigations must give due consideration to children’s wishes and feelings; and obtaining the manual governing the use of force in privately-run child prisons after a three-year Freedom of Information battle. There is still much more to be done and CRAE is central to the campaign for better implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in England and to improving children's rights."

Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns Unit, NSPCC


"Save the Children aspires for a world that respects and protects children's human rights. The foundation for all our work is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. A well-organised civil society, which powerfully advocates for the realisation of children's rights, is key to ensuring that governments fully implement the UNCRC. Supporting effective child rights coalitions is therefore a core part of Save the Children's work, both in the UK and internationally. Although there has been some progress, implementation of the UNCRC in England remains patchy. CRAE has a crucial role is ensuring that the UK Government fulfils its obligations, so that children and young people in England have their rights fully realised."

Fergus Drake, Director of UK Programmes, Save the Children UK


"UNICEF UK has long been a supporter of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, and works in close collaboration with CRAE to further the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in England. Through innovative campaigning and bringing together individuals and organisations committed to children’s rights CRAE has, since its establishment in 1991, achieved many significant changes in law and policy affecting children and young people and played a leading role in holding government to account for systematic breaches of children’s rights. With financial support from UNICEF UK and others, CRAE will continue to take effective and influential action to protect and promote the human rights of children and young people in England."

Anita Tiessen, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF UK