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Trustees & Patrons


CRAE’s trustees sit on its Council of Management, which is responsible for the organisation’s governance, sets its strategy and oversees its performance. The Council of Management meets at least four times a year in London.

Any CRAE member can be nominated to serve on the Council of Management. Membership is in an individual capacity, not as a representative of an organisation. Four places are reserved for those aged under-18 on the date of their election. Current Council members are:

Aaron Beck
Alison Marshall (Chair)
Bill Badham
Dominic King
Gráinne Mellon
Lisa McCrindle
Lisa Payne
Louise King
Rory Murray (Secretary)
Roy Grimwood (Treasurer)
Samantha Whyte
Shehryar Mirza
Shriya Akella
Su Sukumaran
Zara Todd

Council Associates

Children aged under 16 are prevented by law from becoming members of Council. However, they may be elected as Council Associates. Council Associates take part in Council business to the extent permitted by the law, but do not hold office as full Council members. Positions for Council Associates are currently vacant, so please get in touch if you are under 16 and would like to join Council.

Download CRAE’s management council report and financial statements here:

Year ended 31 March 2013

Year ended 31 March 2012

Year ended 31 March 2011

Year ended 31 March 2010


We are very grateful for the support we receive from our patrons. Our patrons are:

Ben Emmerson QC
Lord Judd
Professor Margaret Lynch
Michael Mansfield QC
Micheline Mason
Lord Ramsbotham
Baroness Walmsley