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Trustees & Patrons


When CRAE merged with Just for Kids Law on 5 August 2015 four CRAE Trustees transferred to the Just for Kids Law Board of Management:

Isabel Riz
Jennie Fleming
Laura Davies
Stephanie Banatvala

A full list of Just for Kids Law Trustees can be found here.

Download CRAE Trustee reports and financial statements here:

Year ending 31 May 2015

Year ending 31 March 2014

Year ending 31 March 2013

Year ending 31 March 2012

Year ending 31 March 2011

Year ending 31 March 2010


We are very grateful for the support we receive from our patrons. Our patrons are:

Ben Emmerson QC
Lord Judd
Professor Margaret Lynch
Michael Mansfield QC
Micheline Mason
Lord Ramsbotham
Baroness Walmsley