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Write to your MP

Writing to your MP is one of the easiest – and most effective – ways of getting your point across.

If you make the letter you send your MP personal it is likely to have more impact - so when you write remember to add details explaining, in your own words, why you support the Change It! campaign and why you are asking your MP to back it.

To learn more about children's rights, homelessness and why we are campaigning to Change It read our campaign pack.

To get in touch with your MP:

  • type in your postcode here to find out who your MP is and to bring up an email form you can use to contact them.
  • to help you decide what to put in your letter, read our sample letter to MPs which gives information about the Change It! campaign and invites your MP to meet with you. Feel free to use this when you are writing your own letter.

Remember to keep in touch with us, send us a copy of any letter you send to your MP and let us know when they send you a reply! You can email us on or phone 07951142105.