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Children and young people need to be heard! #iMatter online action

The National Children’s Bureau (NCB) is encouraging children and young people to tell decision makers about the conversations and decisions they want to be included in through its new social media action #iMatter. Joanna Carr, NCB Participation Development Officer said:

Every child and young person has the right to be heard, to be included in decisions that affect them and to be part of the national discussion on issues that will shape their future. In the run up to the General Election we want children and young people to tell decision makers why their voice is important. Please encourage the children and young people you work with to take part in #iMatter and be part of the conversation.’

Children and young people can use #iMatter and share on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook the issues that are important to them.  Tag @NCBtweets to make sure they can follow and support your organisations’ tweets.

Here are some ways you could start the conversation with young people:

  • What issue is most important to you [the young person]?
  • Why is this issue important?
  • What message do you [the young person] want to share with decision makers?
  • If you were Prime Minister for a day what law would you make/ what law would you repeal?
  • How can decision makers better listen to young people?
  • Why does young people’s voice matter?
  • “I most need to be listened to when…”

For more information contact Joanna Carr, NCB Participation Development Officer,

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