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Children's rights and Brexit

As the EU (Withdrawal) Bill continues its parliamentary passage, CRAE has been working hard to ensure that children's rights are not diluted post Brexit.

We were delighted that Peers voted to retain the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which includes important rights for children. Peers voted to retain the Charter by 316 to 245. Speaking in support of the Charter, Lord Pannick, who led the debate, said:

"Noble Lords will know that the Charter sets out a number of important legal rights, from the rights of the child in Article 24 to the rights of the elderly in Article 25. It recognises the rights of persons with disabilities in Article 26, the right to healthcare in Article 35 and the protection of the environment in Article 37

Read our joint briefing on why the Charter is important for children and the full parliamentary debate on the Charter amendment.

CRAE is also supporting a child rights amendment, due to be debated on Monday 30th April. It would ensure that the UK Government must make a ministerial statement which would commit to giving consideration to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child when making decisions during and after Brexit in areas that are currently an EU competence. The amendment would also require the Government to carry out an audit setting out how children's rights will continue to be protected after exit day. Read our joint briefing.   






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