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Children's rights and policing

Thanks to funding from Trust for London, CRAE has been working to improve police treatment of children and young people in London. We are focussing on areas that we know affect children including: the use of force – including Taser and restraints such as spithoods; invasive searches; and overnight detention. CRAE is currently working, with colleagues at Just for Kids Law, StopWatch and others, on a series of briefings that set out the current problems and suggested solutions for London.

Last year we set up the London Forum on Children and Policing to bring voluntary sector organisations and experts together to share information, network and co-ordinate campaigning. The most recent, April 2017, meeting of the Forum brought together 24 voluntary sector organisations and experts to share information and network. Attendees including police, NGOs, community groups and academics and discussions focussed on: how children’s rights in police custody are monitored by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary; a new initiative from PACT to raise awareness of the impact of police raids on children; and the implications of the Mayor of London’s new policing and crime plan.

If you want to know more or to attend the next meeting, please get in touch with

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