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Children's Rights and the EU (withdrawal) Bill

As the EU (Withdrawal) Bill continues its parliamentary passage,we are backing a number of amendments to safeguard children's rights which are being debated today at Lord's Committee.

In support of amendments which seek to retain the Charter of Fundamental Rights once the UK exits the European Union, we have produced a joint briefing with our sister organisation Together, the Scottish Alliance for Childre's Rights, on the importance of the Charter for children. You can read our briefing here.

We are also working with colleagues across the children's sector to ensure that  rights protections currently enjoyed by children are not lost post-Brexit. We are supporting amendments which would require Ministers and public officials to have due regard to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) when making decisions in areas of policy that are currently a EU competence. This would include when making use of the so called Henry VIII powers. We are also behind amendments which would ensure that the necessary cross border mechanisms are in place to safeguard children after we leave the EU. Read our joint briefings on a CRC duty and child safeguarding.



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