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CRPD Committee sets out information request to UK

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has published its List of Issues ahead of the UK examination later in the summer. CRAE is pleased to see the UN Committee’s request for information from the UK Government on a number of issues relating to disabled children including:  on steps taken to address the higher level of poverty among families with disabled children; steps taken to monitor and provide remedies to disability-related discrimination and/or harassment in all schools; and how disabled children and their families are included in decision-making regarding assessment and allocation of their support.  It also asked for information on how disabled children who have experienced abuse or ill-treatment have access to justice.

CRAE especially welcomes the UN Committee’s request for information about inclusive education, including on the numbers of disabled children in mainstream and segregated education and how the Government is ensuring that teachers and teaching assistants have adequate training to support disabled children in mainstream schools and ensure they have optimal educational outcomes.

Read the full List of Issues here.

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