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EU (Withdrawal) Bill 'ping pong' continues

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill has returned once again to the House of Lords following the debate in the Commons last week.  CRAE and our sister organisation Together, the Scottish Alliance for Children's Rights, are supporting Lord Pannick's continued efforts to ensure that rights aren't lost after we leave the EU.

We have circulated a briefing to peers, supported by many other children's organisation, including NSPCC, Children in Wales and Barnardo's, calling on them to support Lord Pannick's amendment, which will ensure that the Charter of Fundamental Rights is retained for the purpose of providing a guide to the interpretation of retained EU law -  EU law which will become UK domestic law after exit day.  The Charter of Fundamental Rights includes critical rights for children, including the right to have their views taken into account when decision are made which affect them and the need for public authorities to take into account the best interests of the child in all actions concerning children. 

Read our briefing here  


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