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Exploring the use of child rights arguments in the voluntary sector

We have started a series of interviews, exploring why voluntary sector organisations do and do not use child rights or human rights arguments in their direct advocacy and public affairs work. Over the next couple of months, we will be interviewing advocacy experts in child rights, and organisations that are more reticent about using such discourse. We will be producing a briefing paper on the findings which will be shared at a seminar in the late spring.

We will then use this research to inform the development of a series of factsheets and seminars for the homelessness and mental health sectors over the next two and a half years. The UN Committee’s Concluding Observations (COs) highlighted significant child rights breaches in these areas. Our work to build the capacity of these sectors to use the COs and child rights arguments will help address the severe discrimination and disadvantage experienced by children facing these problems.

Please get in touch with Natalie Williams, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Advisor if you would like to know more:

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