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Government amends Children and Families Bill to enhance involvement of children in SEN decisions

Having been pushed by Members of the House of Lords, the Government tabled amendments to the Children and Families Bill to ensure that children are provided with the information necessary for them to be properly involved in decisions about their special educational needs (SEN). CRAE, on behalf of Participation Works, has been urging the Government to make these amendments.

Introducing the amendments, Baroness Northover said:

In Grand Committee, I said that we were sympathetic to the views of a number of noble Lords about the need for consistent references throughout the Bill and the code to the inclusion and participation of children, where that is appropriate. Where there is a specific decision-making responsibility in relation to children, as distinct from young people, it is, of course, right that we vest that in parents. However, as Clause 32 relates to the provision of information and advice, it is appropriate to make a specific reference to children in it. These amendments do that.

CRAE, on behalf of Participation Works, has also responded to the Government’s consultation on the code of practice and regulations accompanying the Bill, to ensure that they clearly set out the right of children of all to participate in decisions about their lives.

Read CRAE’s briefing on the Bill.

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