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Government to put Bill of Rights plan on hold

Responding to a parliamentary question, the Justice Minister, Oliver Healed MP QC, has confirmed that plans for a British Bill of Rights have been put on hold until after Brexit.  David Nuttall, a Conservative MP, asked the Justice Minister: ‘It is of course right that our manifesto commitment to replace the Human Rights Act remains on the Government’s agenda. But does my Right Honourable and Learned Friend agree that leaving the European Union and freeing the United Kingdom from the bonds of the charter of fundamental rights must be their top priority?’ The Minister replied : ‘…I think it important for us to sort out the EU side of matters, and the exit from the EU, before we return to that subject.

Despite this delay it is still extremely important to galvanise support for the Human Rights Act (HRA) and ensure its benefits are widely known and understood.  CRAE remains an active member of the Human Rights Alliance, convened by the British Institute of Human Rights, and we will continue to galvanise the children’s sector to speak out in defence of the HRA. 

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