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New General comment on adolescent rights

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UN Committee) has published a new General Comment on implementation of the rights of a child during adolescents. The UN Committee states that, although the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises the rights of all persons under 18, the implementation of rights should also take account of children’s development and their evolving capacities.  Adolescence is characterised by growing opportunities, capacities, aspirations, energy and creativity, but also significant vulnerability.

The UN Committee observes that the potential of adolescents is widely compromised because States parties do not recognize or invest in the measures needed for them to enjoy their rights. The new General Comment provides guidance to States on the measures necessary to ensure the realisation of the rights of children during adolescence. It highlights the importance of a human rights-based approach that includes: recognition and respect for the dignity and agency of adolescents; their empowerment, citizenship and active participation in their own lives; the promotion of optimum health, well being and development; and a commitment to the promotion, protection and fulfilment of their human rights, without discrimination.

Download the new General Comment

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