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Proposals for new curriculum amended following consultation

CRAE responded to the Department of Education’s consultation on Reform of the National Curriculum in England. CRAE’s overarching concern was that the proposed curriculum aims were too narrow and that these needed to be extended to reflect the requirements of Article 29 of theUNCRC (the goals of education). CRAE also had concerns about the detail of the curriculum proposed and made a number of specific recommendations including: a requirement to teach human rights as part of the Citizenship curriculum; having the UNCRC as a distinct part of the statutory Citizenship curriculum, compulsory Citizenship for Key Stages 1 and 2; and making Personal, Social and Health Education (including sex and relationships education) a statutory subject.


The Government’s proposals following the consultation have been amended in line with CRAE’s recommendations to include a reference to human rights in the Citizenship curriculum at Key Stage 4. The Government has not  followed CRAE’s other recommendations. 


Read CRAE’s response


Read the proposed curriculum here

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