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UK examined by UN Torture Committee

Today and tomorrow the UK is being examined by the UN on how well it is respecting the UN Convention against Torture, and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.  

Nearly 80 UK civil society groups and experts have submitted evidence to the UN Committee, revealing wide-ranging failures by the UK to meet its international obligations to prevent torture and ill-treatment. This significant body of evidence has been compiled in a civil society report by REDRESS supported by a steering group which included the Children's Rights Alliance for England, Liberty, Freedom from Torture, Children in Wales, and Disability Rights UK.

In their last review of the UK five years ago, the Committee was concerned, among other issues, about the lack of accountability for serious allegations of torture and ill-treatment overseas; threats to the Human Rights Act; the placement of vulnerable people in immigration detention; the inadequate conditions of detention of thousands of prisoners; the ill-treatment of children and the mistreatment of patients receiving health care services. Unfortunately, the current situation for many of these issues remains unchanged or even worse.

Louise King, Director of the Children's Rights Alliance for England, said:

“This report evidences shocking violations of children’s rights including the increasing use of restraint and isolation on disabled children and children in prison; the growing use of force on children by the police; and the criminalisation of child trafficking victims. Many of these issues were highlighted by the UN Child Rights Committee nearly three years ago yet little action has been taken. It is crucial that the UK Government urgently takes the necessary steps to ensure all children are protected from violence and ill treatment.”

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