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Unlocking Children’s Rights: New Children’s Rights Resource from Coram

Coram Children’s Legal Centre has developed an innovative new training resource to strengthen the capacity of professionals in the EU, to fulfil the rights of vulnerable children. Unlocking Children’s Rights has been piloted across Europe, with partners from ten European countries.

International standards, and many national laws, recognise that children and young people have a right to express their views – and to have their wishes and feelings reflected in decisions affecting them. Many professionals working with vulnerable children lack sufficient knowledge of such standards and laws to fully utilise them to protect the rights of children they are supporting. These new tools provide an opportunity for those working with children to make better use of the laws that are already in place to protect children and to ensure that their rights are respected.

Unlocking Children’s Rights enables professionals and practitioners working with children to:

  • Strengthen their skills and knowledge of children’s rights
  • Enable children and young people to express their views
  • Communicate effectively and sensitively with children and young people in a professional context
  • Ensure children participate meaningfully in decisions affecting them

Modules for the course can be downloaded here:

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