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Submission to Transforming Legal Aid Consultation

Author: CRAE Date: June 2013

Submission from the Children's Rights Alliance for England to the Transforming Legal Aid consultation. The submission highlights that the proposals show a serious disregard for children's rights.

Whilst many of the proposals relate on the surface to lawyers, the consultation is not about lawyers but about the children those lawyers represent. These proposals will seriously compromise access to justice for children whose rights are breached. They will deny children legal aid in relation to important areas of law designed to protect children in situations in which they are vulnerable to human rights abuses. In other areas, they will undermine the legal advice to be provided, by denying children a choice of representative. Children will also suffer the knock on effect of limited access to justice for their parents or carers, whose ability to access justice will impact upon them in areas such as housing, welfare, immigration and education. In some respects the proposals themselves violate children’s rights by discriminating against particular groups of children.

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