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  • CRAE Press Statement on increase in Taser officers CRAE responds to the announcement from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police that more officers will be trained to use Taser. Read more
  • Children's voices must be heard in Brexit CRAE has joined forces with children's rights organisations in the UK and across Europe to call for the voices of children and their rights to be at the heart of the Brexit negotiations. Read more
  • Time to lower the voting age to 16 – guest blog The UK will go to the polls on June 8th but 16 and 17 year olds are yet again being denied the right to vote. In this special guest blog, ahead of the General Election, Tommy Peto, from the University of Oxford, argues why it’s time to lower the voting age to 16.
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  • New briefing on implementing children's rights We have published a new briefing on how well the UK is putting in place the right laws, mechanisms and structures to make sure the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is fully implemented.

    If a State is to make sure that all children, no matter their background or circumstance, have all their rights respected then it needs to put in place some specific things like a senior minster for children, who can champion children’s rights across government; an impact assessment process to assess how a policy or new law will affect the implementation of children’s rights; and an action plan to make sure it is doing all it can to make the rights set out in the CRC become a reality for children. Together these things are known as the General Measures of Implementation (GMIs).
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  • Children speak out on living in care We are pleased to announce the third in our series of briefings “Children speak out”. In this briefing children speak out on their experiences of living in care and talk about areas where their rights aren’t being met including; entering and leaving care; inadequate support from social workers; and problems in foster placements. Read more
  • 'State of Children’s Rights in England 2016' Report Read this year’s ‘State of Children’s Rights in England’ which finds that increasing numbers of children have been let down in 2016 and denied the basic things they need to develop and thrive. Read more