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Ways you can get involved

We run projects directly with children and young people to support them in using their rights.

Our Change It! project is working to support children and young people to campaign on children's rights and homelessness. The campaign is led by a group of 26 children and young people from across England aged eight to 20 years old. The group first came together in 2015 when they researched and wrote a report on children's rights which was sent to the UN Committee on Child Rights. To read the children's report to the UN click on the See it, Say it, Change it link on the right.

In 2016 the Committee said the UK Government urgently needed to end children being housed in temporary accommodation like Bed & Breakfasts for long periods of time.  To find out how to get involved in the Change It! campaign click on the Become a Young Activist link.

To help people responsible for children to understand children's rights, CRAE also runs training for public bodies (including local authority staff, teachers, those involved in law enforcement, health providers, etc.), private and voluntary bodies delivering public functions (for example, in relation to education, criminal justice and immigration) and children and young people. Click on the training link on the left to find out more.

If you are working with children and young people and would like support in introducing them to children's rights, click Supporting Children to Campaign to find ideas and resources.