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Help us stop children’s rights violations - become a member of CRAE!

Over the past year CRAE’s members have been crucial in allowing us to push forward children’s rights, and challenge abuses.

 Your membership has helped us to:

 We want to say a huge thank you to our existing members for their support. We couldn’t do this work without you. CRAE relies on membership fees as a vital source of income. In an increasingly difficult funding environment, your financial support keeps our small, dedicated team going.

Please help us to continue this work, by becoming a member. This year we will:

  • Advocate for a full response and action plan from the Government following the publication of the UN Comittee on the Rights of the Child's report on the UK in June 2016
  • Push for police to stop using tasers and spithoods on children and for children to not be held over night in police cells.
  • Ensure that homless families with children are not housed in bed and breakfast accomodation for more than the egal limit of six weeks.
  • Help the voluntary sector understand and use a children's rights approach in their work
  • Make sure people understand how human rights help children, and that they don’t lose these precious protections.
  • Hold the Government to account for its rights abuses in our annual State of Children’s Rights in England report, tracking the key indicators and developments affecting children’s rights in England.

To become a member:

Please sign up on line, or contact to ask for a membership form.

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