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State of Children's Rights 2018 - Call for evidence

Every year CRAE’s flagship annual publication – the ‘State of Children’s Rights in England’ assesses the UK’s progress on implementing the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC). The report is a key advocacy tool for the voluntary sector and parliamentarians to hold government to account on this important treaty. To make the report credible, relevant and change focused, we need your input and evidence.

Two years ago, the UK Government was examined by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, for the first time since 2008, and on 9 June 2016, the Committee released its final recommendations (Concluding Observations) setting out what the Government needs to change to ensure it upholds children’s rights.

The voluntary sector’s role in the reporting process leading up to the examination was critical in producing a strong set of final recommendations. Therefore, it is essential that we as a sector continue to push the Government to take these forward through the ‘State of Children’s Rights’ each year.

This call for written evidence is your opportunity to influence the content of the report.

We would like to know where you think there has been any progress since the ‘State of Children’s Rights Report 2017’ report, where the Government needs to do more, and where there has been retrogression in realising children’s rights.  We would also welcome evidence on any new or emerging issues that you think we should draw attention to in this year’s report. 

 We are looking for information in the areas of:

  1. General Measures of Implementation and General Principles
  2. Poverty and Homelessness
  3. Safeguarding Children, including Violence against Children
  4. Immigration, Asylum and Trafficking
  5. Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities
  6. Health (including Mental Health), Disability
  7. Policing and Criminal Justice

 DEADLINE: COP Friday 14th September 2018

Submissions should be between 500 - 1000 words per issue and include:

    • What has happened/changedsince last year’s report published in December 2017. Where has the Government made/not made progress on implementing the CRC? E.g. What new laws, policies and guidance have been introduced? Wherever possible please refer to new research published since December 2017 as evidence to illustrate the impact this has had on children.
    • Evidence of positive and negative examples of how the Government has implemented children’s rights in the areas above since last year’s report.
    • References to new studies, data or reports that have come out since December 2017 and can be cited as evidence of how the Government is implementing the CRC, illustrate an issue or used to highlight progress or regression on a Concluding Observation.
    • Comments and evidence on which UN Concluding Observations 2016 the Government has taken action on and which ones they should prioritise.
    • Specific recommendations on how the Government can improve its record. The recommendations should suggest solutions to the issues raised and should be precise, realistic, action-oriented and have a clear advocacy target; Example:The Government should create a new, fully independent system for investigating deaths in mental health care settings – including those of children.
    • Information on issues of special concern to specific or minority groups of children and young people.
    • New or emerging issues we should consider
    • Any other concise information you believe will be helpful on trends you are seeing in your work affecting children’s rights (for example, information on how the criminal justice system is working for children, how disabled children are being affected by welfare cuts or how children in care have their voices listened to).
    • Evidence of the likely impact of Brexit on this area.
    • Please do not forward publications without clearly indicating for what purpose they should be cited.

Please send your evidence marked for the attention of Giana Rosa to by COP Friday 14th of September 2018.


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