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State of Children's Rights in England

State of Children’s Rights in England is CRAE’s flagship annual publication, through which it holds Government to account for its children’s rights record.

Every five years the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child issues its “Concluding Observations”, or recommendations, on children’s rights in the UK. There is a danger that, unless the Government is kept under pressure to respond to the Committee’s Concluding Observations, there is simply a flurry of activity when the Committee examines the UK, and that children’s rights are forgotten in the intervening five year period. State of Children’s Rights in England is the publication through which the Government is subject to crucial ongoing scrutiny and accountability.

In producing the report, CRAE draws on the evidence and expertise of its members, who attend evidence gathering events, respond to calls for evidence, help draft sections of the report, and comment on drafts. 

Read the executive summary of the State of Children's Rights 2018. You can find the full report in the publications and resources section.