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Supporting Children to Campaign

In 1991 the UK government made a promise to the UN that it would make sure children have their rights by agreeing to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It includes rights like:

  • The right to have a say in decisions
  • The right to be safe and free from violence
  • The right to stay in touch with the people who are important
  • The right to play and take part in activities

In 2015 children and young people worked together to tell the UN about their experiences of children's rights in England. CRAE’s See It, Say It, Change It project supported children and young people to tell the UN their side of the story, and are continuing to campaign for things to change.

If you are working to support children and young people to learn about their rights, or you are a young person looking for information you may find the following resources helpful:

Guidance and Activities from CRAE

  • A version of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child written for children and young people.
  • Suggested activites and materials to help explain the UN and childrens rights to all age groups, including an activity colouring book, information booklet and activities sheet.CRAE have copies of all these materials, please email to request copies free of charge.
  • We can also arrange a visit from CRAE to talk about the reporting process to children and young people you work with
  • Watch the video at the bottom of the page about last time children in England reported to the UN

Other Materials and Activities

  • The Equality and Human Rights have information sheets for young people that cover what the UNCRC is, how it works and how young people can be involved.
  • The Children’s Commissioner for England has made a film.
  • CLIConline has some brilliant cartoons about Children's Rights and the UN.
  • pocket guide for children and young people about the reporting process is available from Child Rights Connect.
  • The UNCRC Lets Get it Right website has been set up by the children’s commission in Wales and has downloadable resources focussed on rights suitable for use with all age groups.