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  • New Briefing - Barriers and solutions to using children’s rights approaches in policy Over the last few months, we have been conducting research to explore the barriers and solutions to using a children’s rights approach to policy. Our new briefing outlines the findings and suggests some potential solutions for how to embed a children’s rights approach to policy making across your organisation and the Government. Read more Jul 2017
  • CRAE responds to Metropolitan Police announcement on spit hoods CRAE responds to the announcement from the Metropolitan Police that they plan to extend the trial of the use of spithoods to all custody suites in London. Read more Jul 2017
  • New child friendly resources on children's rights Today we are excited to launch two publications for children and young people on how well the UK is respecting children’s rights.

    Funded by the Department for Education, the two pamphlets summarise the Concluding Observations – the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s verdict on how well the UK is respecting children’s rights - in child-friendly language.
    Read more Jul 2017
  • Joint Briefing on Brexit and Children Ahead of the debates on the Queen's Speech next week, we've joined up with leading children's organisations in England to publish a briefing on the impact of Brexit on children. Read more Jun 2017
  • CRAE Press Statement on increase in Taser officers CRAE responds to the announcement from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police that more officers will be trained to use Taser. Read more Jun 2017
  • Children's voices must be heard in Brexit CRAE has joined forces with children's rights organisations in the UK and across Europe to call for the voices of children and their rights to be at the heart of the Brexit negotiations. Read more Jun 2017
  • European Committee for the Prevention of Torture criticises UK’s treatment of children detained in custody In April, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) published their assessment of how well the UK complies with the anti-torture treaty and whether it protects the rights of children detained in the state’s care.

    Last year, CRAE gave written and oral evidence on the treatment of children in custody to the CPT and Committee members visited the UK – including Cookham Wood young offender institution (YOI). The CPT also examined the care and treatment of children with mental health problems detained in police custody.

    Read more Jun 2017
  • Children's rights and policing Thanks to funding from Trust for London, CRAE has been working to improve police treatment of children and young people in London. We are focussing on areas that we know affect children including: the use of force – including Taser and restraints such as spithoods; invasive searches; and overnight detention. CRAE is currently working, with colleagues at Just for Kids Law, StopWatch and others, on a series of briefings that set out the current problems and suggested solutions for London. Read more Jun 2017
  • Exploring the use of child rights approaches in the children’s sector We have now entered the second year of our three-year funded project by the Baring Foundation to build the capacity of voluntary sector organisations to use children’s rights approaches in their advocacy, policy and public affairs work. Read more Jun 2017
  • Consultation on new General Comment on migrant children The UN Committees on the Rights of the Child and Migrant Workers and their Families are welcoming written comments on an early draft of the new joint General Comment on the human rights of children in the context of international migration Read more Jun 2017