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  • Time to lower the voting age to 16 – guest blog The UK will go to the polls on June 8th but 16 and 17 year olds are yet again being denied the right to vote. In this special guest blog, ahead of the General Election, Tommy Peto, from the University of Oxford, argues why it’s time to lower the voting age to 16.
    Read more Jun 2017
  • Working to safeguard children’s rights post Brexit In April, CRAE was pleased to be elected as the Eurochild National Partner Network (NPN) for England at its General Assembly. Read more Jun 2017
  • UK urged to improve children’s rights record under UPR Last Thursday (May 4th 2017), the UK was examined on its human rights record under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). We are delighted that as a result of our joint lobbying with Together, the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights and the Welsh UNCRC Monitoring Group, that a quarter of the 226 recommendations in this cycle are focused on children, compared to 16% in 2012. Read more May 2017
  • CRAE calls on Party leaders to safeguard children's rights Following the announcement of a snap General Election, CRAE has written to the leaders of the the main political parties calling on them to safeguard children's rights.

    In a joint letter with our sister organisations Together, the Scottish Alliance for Children's Rights, and the Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group we write:

    "The future of human rights protections for children is uncertain. As children’s rights alliances, which between us represent over 350 organisations across England, Wales and Scotland, we want to highlight how the Human Rights Act and rights currently protected through European Union (EU) policy and law are critical to protecting and supporting the children we work with."
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  • Children facing homelessness launch campaign to Change It! "Change It!" demand children facing homelessness as they launch campaign to end families being forced to live in B&Bs. Read more Feb 2017
  • BLOG: Growing up in a Bed and Breakfast ChangeIt! Steering Group member Anmol blogs about what it is like for children to grow up in B&Bs. Read more Feb 2017
  • BLOG: Bed and Breakfasts are not homes: our Change It! campaign on children's rights and homelessness Steering Group member Rozita blogs about children's rights, homelessness and why ChangeIt! are campaigning for homes for children. Read more Feb 2017
  • Holding Government to account under UPR This spring, the UK Government will be examined under Universal Periodic Review (UPR). This is a mechanism of the Human Rights Council which assesses how well a State is implementing its human rights obligations. Read more Feb 2017
  • New General Comment on Inclusive Education The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has issued a General Comment on the right to inclusive education. Read more Feb 2017
  • Children in custody CRAE has long advocated for a child-focused justice system that protects children’s rights (as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) and we contributed to Charlie Taylor’s independent review of the youth justice system. In December 2016, his final report was published at the same time as the Government response. Read more Feb 2017