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  • 'State of Children’s Rights in England 2016' Report Author: Natalie Williams, Louise King, Anna Edmunson and Catherine Franks Date: December 2016 Read this year’s ‘State of Children’s Rights in England’ which finds that increasing numbers of children have been let down in 2016 and denied the basic things they need to develop and thrive. Read more
  • Summary - The Concluding Observations of the UN Committee of the Rights of the Child 2016 Author: Natalie Williams Date: October 2016 Briefing to summarise the 150 2016 Concluding Observations from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child 2016 in four easy to read pages Read more
  • Children Speak Out on Policing and Criminal Justice Date: October 2016 Children and young people have spoken out about their experiences of policing and the criminal justice system and called for change.

    CRAE's new briefing draws on a survey and in-depth focus group consultations with nearly 1,000 children and young people across England. It revealed distressing details about children’s treatment at the hands of the police and youth justice system.
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  • Children speak out on transgender issues Date: August 2016 We are pleased to announced the first in our new series of briefings “Children speak out” which builds upon the findings of the research in the children and young people’s report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Read more
  • Children and Social Work Bill Briefing Author: CRAE and Unicef UK Date: June 2016 The Children and Social Work Bill has recently entered the House of Lords, with the first day of Committee Stage taking place on Wednesday 29th June where Peers will discuss amendments to the Bill. We have produced a briefing on an amendment for a child rights duty to be placed on public authorities. Read more
  • UN CRC Committee's Concluding Observations 2016 Author: UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Date: June 2016 The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has published its verdict on the UK’s child rights record. In its Concluding Observations the UN Committee raised concern across a large number of areas. Read more
  • CRAE briefing on the CRC Author: CRAE Date: April 2016 CRAE are pleased to announce the publication of a new briefing paper on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The briefing paper has been produced as part of the See it, Say it, Change it project. It gives an overview of the CRC and explains more about the reporting process. Read more
  • Civil Society reports to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Date: July 2015 Children’s charities today (Wednesday 1 July) launched a damning report highlighting how Government policies and spending decisions have failed to prioritise children. Based on the evidence in the report, children's charities are asking the Government to put children at the centre of decision-making, including in the forthcoming Budget.The report has been prepared as part of the UN examination of the UK on how well it is respecting children's rights. Read more
  • Children's human rights and housing Author: CRAE Date: April 2015 CRAE's factsheet on children's human rights and housing has been written for colleagues working in NGOs and charities supporting children and homeless families. It aims to:

    • equip you with knowledge about children’s human rights, particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how they apply to work on housing issues;
    • encourage you to integrate arguments based on children’s human rights into policy work and campaigning for better housing for homeless children and their families.
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