Children’s Rights: Political will or won’t?

Today 20 November, on World Children's Day, Eurochild has published a new report Children's Rights: Political will or won't? which compiles information gathered from 38 Eurochild members in 26 countries across Europe, including the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, and provides an overview of the current situation of children in these countries. The report aims to identify good and promising practices, working solutions, and country-specific recommendations for EU decision-makers and national governments to draw from when addressing children’s needs.

Through structured individual country profiles, the report focuses on the extent to which children’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled across Europe by providing timely and relevant information collected from Eurochild members working at national level. The report also presents experiences of poverty and social exclusion of children, families and communities.

The England country profile highlights a number of key child rights issues that must be tackled with urgency including the lack of child rights strategy or action plan, high levels of child poverty, the regression of the rights of asylum-seeking children and key child rights issues affecting children in contact with the criminal justice system. 

The coming year offers another important window of opportunity to tackle inequalities in childhood and ensure children’s rights are respected. The report highlights the future priorities that EU decision-makers and national governments can pursue to address the needs of the most vulnerable children.

Read the report below.