Our guide to Children's Rights and the Law

The most important thing about children’s rights is the impact they have on children’s everyday lives. But if things go wrong, it is important to know how the law can help.

  • What are human rights?

    Human rights are the basic things that every person needs to live with dignity and develop their potential, such as food, housing, education, healthcare, the right to expression, to hold religious beliefs, and to be protected against violence, abuse and discrimination. Everyone has human rights no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they do.  Human rights are not earned, we are all entitled to rights simply because we are human.

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  • Laws protecting children's rights

    There are many international human rights treaties and domestic laws which protect children’s rights. International human rights treaties are agreements between…

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  • Other International Human Rights Mechanisms

    The UN international system to monitor the implementation of human rights is made up of different roles and institutions, which are very important for children.

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