Second Reading briefing on the Bill of Rights Bill

In this briefing, supported by 48 organisations from across the children's sector, we highlight some of our key concerns with the Bill of Rights Bill to urge MPs to vote against it at its 2nd reading.

The Bill of Rights, if enacted, will significantly weaken respect for children’s human rights and the ability of children to hold the UK Government and public bodies to account where their rights have been infringed. Given the impact the proposals will have on children, we have urged the Government to carry out a Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) but this has not happened. The Government’s broader impact assessment states that children are one of the groups identified “that may potentially be disproportionately impacted by specific aspects of the proposed changes.” It also states that 45% of Human Rights Act claimants are children.

Since the Human Rights Act (HRA) came into force in 2000, it has provided important protections for some of our most vulnerable children we work with, such as children in care, child witnesses, children in custody, children with special educational needs and disabilities, and refugee children. Such protections must remain in place.

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As of 8 September 2022, the Bill's 2nd reading is postponed as action on the Bill is being reconsidered by Liz Truss's new Government.