Using CRIAs to improve policy making

One of the ways in which the Government can adhere to the CRC is by carrying out Children’s Rights Impact Assessments (CRIAs). CRIAs are an essential tool to help ensure that Government policy, legislation, programming and budgeting are consistent with children’s rights standards. To date very few have been carried out by the Westminster Government using their CRIA template developed in 2018 but Scotland and Wales each have their own form of mandatory CRIAs.

CRIAs help civil servants to assess and consider the impact of policy-making and legislation on children’s rights. They can also be used by parliamentarians to scrutinise the development and implementation of Government policy and legislation and assess whether they are upholding or undermining children’s rights. Our new briefing explores the benefits of producing a CRIA and best practice and tips from the rest of the UK and Europe in doing this.

Read our new briefing on using CRIAs to improve policy making.